Why Robot Wars Failed #1: The House Robots

Many things helped to bury Robot Wars and by the end, they did but, hopefully the new series can learn from these mistakes. Sadly this includes the house robots where they helped to end Robot Wars. Here are the 4 main ways the house robots helped to end Robot Wars.

4. Mr Psycho

The addition of two new house robots for series 6 was met with great anticipation and when they were revealed, they looked like the House robots were going to be unbeatable. The new main star with his sidekick were set to mix robot wars up again but, it didn’t. In the end, Growler ended up making more of an impact than Mr Psycho.

But the main issue was that they advertised Mr Psycho to be the main star of the show over Sir Killalot but, Mr Psycho was just a taller, heavier, less stable with a very similar design to the original king. Mr Psycho wasn’t very original what, annoyed a lot of Robot Wars fans.

3. Evolution is a missing thing

In the later series, the existing house robots had very little evolution after the first Extreme series. The only two updates that happened to the house robots was a different axe system and Growler had a flamethrower added to the rear, both made the house robots worse. Whereas, before Extreme 1, each of the 6 house robots, including RefBot, always 2 house robots at the minimum were upgraded for every series with Matilda having the least amount of modifications until the flywheel was introduced.

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2. Cassius Chrome

People might argue with me about Mr Psycho but, nobody will argue with me about Cassius Chrome. The last house robot to appear on the TV in series 7 was also, the weakest at the end of the show’s run. Instead of the house robots getting stronger and more destructive more original, Cassius Chrome was sadly the opposite. Although the robot was very original, it wasn’t very good in a fight where its main weapon is it spinning on the spot which each house robot can already do. It was a huge failure and why would anybody be scared of the robot with a permanent injury (having a black eye and just being rubbish).

1. Only 2

The biggest fault wasn’t, even with the house robots but, by the way they were used as, the 4 house robots in every battle turned into 2 house robots for the first Extreme series and it would remain the same apart from rare occasions all the way through until the end of the show. When you give people less of their favourite part or one of their favourite parts, people aren’t going to be as interested in the show or like it as much as they did. The main reason why they did it was as, a cost cutting exercise and it would allow filming to be conducted quicker than before. Sadly, it meant that the house robots were sidelined and became a less effective part of show in later series.

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