Top 6 Robot Wars UK Annihilators

A classic fight format that hardcore fans would like to see in the modern series is the Annihilator. There have been six Annihilators in the classic UK series but, which was the best and which were the worst.

6. Extreme I #2- Panic Attack vs Napalm Vs Fighting Torque vs Disc-O-Inferno vs Spirit of Knightmare vs Steel Avenger – The reason why this is the worst U.K. Annihilator is, we got two robots eliminated in the first two fights leaving us with a three fight Annihilator which cannot stand up to the full versions of this concepts. It is also, very forgettable for this reason and it not having the highest quality of competitors with some filling in for robots that did qualify but, couldn’t take part. Overall, the most disappointing Annihilator out of all of them.

5. Series 7 – Robochicken vs Ripper vs Kan Opener vs Ewe 2 vs Flippa vs Raging Knightmare – This Annihilator bugs me as in the 4th round of the five, saw blatant 2 on 1 situation which almost over shadows the whole episode. However, the lack of well-known robots and robots that have done well in the main series also makes this least star studded of the Annihilators, giving the fans a lack of superstar (apart from the former winner of the previous Annihilator) or underdog.

4. Series 4 The Southern Annihilator – Razer vs Atilla the Drum vs Behemoth vs Oblivion vs Spawn of Scutter vs Vercingetorix – With another robot having to forfeit during the competition, this left us with a four round Annihilator. Overall, this is a decent Annihilator with one of the most famous moments in Robot Wars history giving the fans more than they expected from the final.

3. Series 4 The Northern Annihilator – Chaos 2 vs Spikasaurus vs Dominator 2 vs Suicidal Tendencies 2 vs Stinger vs Killerhurtz – The original Annihilator is definitely a classic with shock after shock with attrition, being the biggest factor and giving the survival instinct that would continue through until the third Annihilator. Why isn’t it the best Annihilator, robots break down a little too easily with robots just dying rather than taking the killer blow and a couple of robots have very little impact on the show and the fight? Minor issues but, bigger issues than the top two.

2. Extreme II – Major Tom vs Kan-Opener vs Thermidor 2 vs Typhoon 2 vs Raging Reality vs Revenge of Trouble and Strife – A wide ranging field enter a crazy Annihilator with great fights throughout and some great twists throughout with great damage and aggression. It isn’t number one because it doesn’t feature the greatest robots of the time, including a star robot to headline the match like four of the matches on this list.

1. Extreme I #1 – Hypno Disc vs Pussycat vs Splinter vs Arnold A. Terminegger vs Thermidor II vs X-Terminator – This Annihilator becomes a fight of axes vs the rest and it creates a great spectacle with unpredictability throughout and created a crazy opening to the fight. The most star studded Annihilator with some great fighters gave high interest and the most entertaining of all of the Annihilators. It also, had robots that just wouldn’t die creating great fights throughout with all but, one robot having great stories throughout the show.

Watch all of the Annihilators by clicking here.

These are the only six televised Annihilators in the UK but, there are more Annihilators from the international series of Robot Wars, reviews coming soon.

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