What is Slicethepie?

 It is a website that pays you to review music. It is really that simple of a website. The more you use the website the more you get paid and the better reviews you give the more you will get paid. You can decide what, type of songs you want to listen to and review (e.g. pop, rock, etc.) There are over 50 different music genres you pick from and you can choose to do 1 genre or all 50, it is up to you. It is completely free to join and use Slicethepie.

 I am personally signed up to Slicethepie and I am not a big fan of music but, I actually like using Slicethepie as, I can choose what genre I want and since I have been signed up for awhile, I am now making a nice amount per review I do.

Do you want to be paid to listen to music then check out Slicethepie