Series Ranking #8

There are 7 main UK series deciding the UK Championship and two separate series called the Extreme Series. However some series are better than others so, here are my series rankings.

8) Series 6

CrushtaeceanThis was the series when Robot Wars was looked at as a serious competition and not a TV show. The emphasis was on the show being as competitive and technical to competitors as possible and the fun and entertainment of the TV show fell away. This sadly continued into the second Extreme series and was probably a reason why Robot Wars left the BBC. The fun of the house robots and of fun robots was minimal leaving the show just a shadow of its fun past.

The addition of two new house robots for series 6 was met with great anticipation and when they were revealed, they looked like the House robots were going to be unbeatable. The new main star with his sidekick were set to mix robot wars up again but, it didn’t. In the end, Growler ended up making more of an impact than Mr Psycho. But the main issue was that they advertised Mr Psycho to be the main star of the show over Sir Killalot but, Mr Psycho was just a taller, heavier, less stable with a very similar design to the original king. Mr Psycho wasn’t very original what, annoyed a lot of Robot Wars fans.

Also, there was seemingly no evolution between the fifth and the sixth series. 8 out of 12 robots that made it to the semi-finals of series 5 made it to the semi-finals of Series 6. 1 of the 4 was Tornado who, had arguably been the second best in robot wars extreme and therefore wasn’t a new face to the audience. Terrorhurtz, 13 Black and Dantomkia were the only new robots to make it to that stage and only Terrorhurtz would make it to the Grand Final but, would only finish fourth overall.
Flame RazerFinally, the grand final held one of the most controversial matches of Robot Wars with Tornado Vs Razer. Tornado had fitted its giant horizontal blade with a giant frame meaning Razer couldn’t grab or claw the main chassis of Tornado. Tornado would end up winning the match but, the controversy would continue with the frame and a number of Tornado’s other “weapons” were banned for the seventh wars with a change to some rules to ensure that robots couldn’t change multiple dimensions of the robot and had to have a powered weapon.

Series 6 definitely wasn’t the best series but, it had a couple of great moments and good fights but, it failed to live up to expectations.

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