Series Ranking #7

There are 7 main UK series deciding the UK Championship and two separate series called the Extreme Series. However some series are better than others so, here are my series rankings.

7) Series 1

The original series of Robot Wars definitely wasn’t the best series of Robot Wars but, it was the series that started it all and without it. I don’t think people would be talking about Robot Wars to this day.

The main problem was the quality of the competitors. Many of them broke down or had very little weaponry so, it came a series of attrition and of pushing rather than a series of fighting and destruction. Also, the series wasn’t very long with only 3 hours of the series. Jeremy Clarkson’s presenting wasn’t exactly exciting and some of trials didn’t work very well. Also, a featherweight was considered one of the top 6 robots in the competition which wasn’t great for the tournament being a legitimate challenge.

However, the house robots definitely made an impression and became superstars. The gauntlet worked well as a qualifying event and a good entertaining way to start the show. Finally, good matches also proved that Robot Wars could be good especially, in the Recyclopse vs Mortis match which was arguably the best match of the first series.

Unlike most things, a lot of the sequels of the first series of Robot Wars were better than the original but, it still was good enough to set up one of the biggest TV shows in BBC 2’s history.

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