Series Ranking #9

There are 7 main UK series deciding the UK Championship and two separate series called the Extreme Series. However some series are better than others so, here are my series rankings.

9) Extreme II

By far, my least favourite series of Robot Wars is the second Extreme series which, was the last to air on the BBC. The series failed to gain momentum with its 1 tournament per show format leading to staggered programmes and to the show usually having only 5 fights per show.

Also, the tournaments held weren’t as exciting as in the first extreme and were pretty rubbish but, if they had run a similar format to the first Extreme series with the multiple competitions per show spreading across the whole series, it would have worked better.

The worst tournament was the new blood tournament where 5 shows were dedicated to brand new robots competing to win a place in Series 7 as a seed. The problem with this is a number of them competed before in Series 6, destroying the concept of the tournament. We could have had 1 show with 8 new robots in a complete knockout competition with totally new robots and competitors or a maximum of 2 shows for a 16 robot tournament and lets see different and better competitions like football, sumo, pinball or a tournament specifically based on a certain part of the robot (e.g. flipper frenzy).

Soon, I am going to do an article on the competitions I would have in an Extreme series with a format and which tournaments don’t make the cut. The series din’t have a real meaning and you could miss an episode or two and you wouldn’t really miss anything unlike the first Extreme series that was more of an extension of the main show.

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