Series 10 Premiere Date to be Revealed Soon

The Final Note on when the series is rumoured to air is to say the series will not be premiering on dates we have mentioned as, Executive Producer, Andrew Robertson (yes I know who you are), said no but, that the series is coming soon. I am leaving these articles up to say that we tried twice and we don’t have a clue of a specific date, only that it will premiere in October and be back on our screens soon.

Since the dates we have thought of have been declined, we have thought about the show, returning on a Friday evening or it coming out on the 8th October but, we don’t have a lot of evidence, this is just speculation. As soon as we get a trailer or an official date then we will let you know.

Note: Well, we seem to have had the Premiere date of series 10 revealed by an unlikely source, click here to find out more.

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