Robot Wars Series 10 Wildcard Melee Preview

Ten robots enter the arena with only 1 surviving this gigantic melee to go into the Grand Final. This match is impossible to predict but, to do a preview of this historic fight, we have ranked the 10 robots from the least likely to win the melee, 10th, to the most likely to win, 1st. This is our predictions and we aren’t likely to be correct but, who knows we may predict something correctly.

10th – Tracktion – Easily flipped and is too vulnerable to spinners.

9th – Expulsion – How much damage did they take from Matilda and how much damage can it do to others?

8th – Iron Awe 6 – The flipper needs to work for them to have a realistic chance at winning this melee.

7th – Thor – Magnetar’s big hit on the weapon will likely have a lasting effect on this melee.

6th – Sabretooth – Struggled to make it to the Wildcard melee and don’t have a large amount of pushing power.

5th – Eruption – Took damage from Carbide and is weak to attacks to their rear.

4th – Big Nipper – Is flipped easily and can be pushed around with ease.

3rd – Terrorhurtz – Is strong to front attacks but, can take damage or be flipped on the sides and rear of the machine.

2nd – Concussion – Their wheels and rear can be attacked and isn’t 100% efficient when turned upside down.

1st – Apollo – Doesn’t like spinners or the Pit of Oblivion!

Every robot would be vulnerable in this melee but, luck and skill will decide who wins the robotic rumble!

The Grand Final of Robot Wars Series 10 is on BBC 2 at 8 pm, Sunday the 3rd of December.

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