Robot Wars Series 10 Heat E Full Review

If you want to see part 1 of this review, with no spoilers, then click here. If you don’t want any Spoilers for Heat E, D, C, B or A of Robot Wars series 10 then don’t read below.

Dominance Personified

Magnetar was hugely powerful and dominant with the drum spinner immobilising every robot that stood in their way (Push to Exit, Expulsion and Thor) with them going through to the Grand Final with the only moment of problems coming against Thor, when they were pushed against the side wall. They would recover and cause another knockout blow, causing Thor to become a fog machine and Magnetar seems unbeatable unless that drum spinner stops but, maybe the other Grand Finalists will prove to be a harder challenge.

Thor was also, dominant up to the Heat Final with them dispatching Coyote profoundly twice whilst Expulsion struggled in the melee. Thor was driven brilliantly but, the spinner weakness of Thor continues with them losing to the drum spinner in the Heat Final for the second time in a row. The Steel rope was useless against the drum of Magnetar. I don’t know how Thor can improve for the future other than it becomes more spinner proof with stronger Armour and maybe more pushing power so, the axe can be used when they push a robot around the arena.

Unseen Potential

Expulsion got through to the Wildcard Melee after being dominated by Magnetar and their opening melee but, lasted longer than Push to Exit in the redemption fight and managed to cause damage to Matilda whilst beating Coyote. The spinner only seemed to cause damage to Matilda (who would get her revenge seconds later) but, the unusual design meant that it needed to be dominated as it seemed to keep irritating its competitors as the fights went on until they came away with the victory. I think it will be dominated in the wildcard melee but, it is a good performance for this young team.

Coyote looked awesome but, struggled again with this grabbing robot struggling to get a good hold of the competition. Thor caused them a large amount of damage and although they beat Hobgoblin, the robot got fatigued and by the time they faced Expulsion, they had run out of health and died before Matilda could smash Expulsion to death. Maybe the claw head becoming more of a hydraulic drill press as, it needs to have a stronger ability to grab and manoeuvre the robots as they haven’t shown that ability to control fights which, the robot is designed to do so, hopefully, that will come with some upgrades to the current machine.

Hobgoblin was back with the egg beater spinner but, no victories as, they would break Shunt’s axe (thanks to Shunt) but, not much else. A unique design with no success so far and we haven’t seen the spinner do much damage to their competitors so, it may be a good concept but may not be the most effective in reality.

Finally, Push to Exit was the big name robot (as well as Gabriel 2) that couldn’t win a fight this series and it was down to one single hit. If you want to know more about Push to Exit then, I suggest you watch a team member go to Disneyland. No seriously, this happened, click here to see the Irish madness. I hope Shane Swan, Anthony Murney & Stephen McCulla return whether it is with Push to Exit or an exciting new beast.

The Main Course

With the break in the series, Heat E became the appetiser to the main event coming in the Grand Final. Before Sunday, there will be a preview for the Wildcard melee and the main Grand Final itself. Following the Grand Final, we will review the series overall and look into the upcoming specials and the future of the show beyond 2017.

The Grand Final of Robot Wars Series 10 is on BBC 2 at 8 pm, Sunday the 3rd of December.

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