Robot Wars Series 10 Grand Final Preview

The main event of the series is almost here! If you want to know our predictions for the wildcard melee, click here, but this preview will look at the entire episode, our predictions and the episode in general.

The Toughest to Predict

We don’t know who, the wildcard melee winner will be but, we don’t expect them to get through to the second round due to the fatigue it may have after the wildcard melee and it may be too much for any robot to keep going much longer after that.

Now, if there was a one vs one round robin, this is how we think it would go. 

Behemoth beats Nuts 2

Carbide beats Behemoth

Carbide beats Rapid

Rapid beats Behemoth

Rapid beats Nuts 2

Nuts 2 beats Carbide

Nuts 2 beats Magnetar

Magnetar beats Carbide

Magnetar beats Behemoth 

Magnetar beats Rapid

We are probably wrong on most of these fights but, from these predictions, Magnetar wins most of these fights and therefore we predict that it will become Champion.

Also, from these predictions, we predict that Behemoth will be out in the 1st round redemption with the wildcard melee winner thanks to the fantasy booking above.

So, who will be second is the toughest part of this preview as three of the five robots in the fantasy booking above have 2 wins but, there is a reason why Carbide is the

Champion and we think has a good chance of being Champion again if it has no reliability issues and it can beat Magnetar. If you want to know our predictions for the wildcard melee, click here.

There will be no 3rd place playoff for reasons we will reveal in the review of the series 10 Grand Final. The House Robots will obviously be there and be waiting for there opportunity to strike down on the competitors but, whether or not they are involved will be down to the competitors themselves.

There isn’t much more to say other than, The Grand Final of Robot Wars Series 10 is on BBC 2 at 8 pm, Sunday the 3rd of December.

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