Robot Wars: Modern World Series Preview #1

The return of one of the most famous robots in Robot Wars history is the main headline heading into the World Series specials. The Diotoir team return to the show after being absent for 15 years.

There are seven other robots though so, let’s see this week’s robotic gladiators.

  • UK – Apollo, Gabriel 2, Sabretooth & Terrorhurtz.
  • Europe – Cobra (Belgium), Diotoir (Republic of Ireland), TMHWK (The Netherlands) & Rabid M8 (Portugal).

It is interesting that Terrorhurtz will be representing the UK after they represented the Czech Republic in the 1st World Championship, thanks to the team member, Dominic Parkinson. Apollo and Sabretooth will have the colours of the union flag on their robots and it is interesting that Gabriel 2 is the only robot to have not been eliminated in the Wildcard melee.

Cobra and TMHWK both competed in the 9th series and were eliminated in their opening melees although, Cobra put up a very good fight against Eruption and Behemoth, not exactly easy opponents. The Diotoir team will basically be a red and black fur covered Kadeena Machina from the Battle of the Stars episodes. Rabid M8 is Dee painted black with a few modifications from the Battle of the Stars episodes.

The favourites have got to be the robots from the UK with no robot outside of the UK winning an international tournament but, with one of the most successful Robot Wars teams outside of the UK returning, the fights are unpredictable and may tell us more about the 2nd special coming the following week.

Robot Wars: The Modern World Series, episode 1 is on BBC 2, 7 pm on the 31st December 2017
Robot Wars: The Modern World Series, episode 2 is on BBC 2, 7 pm on the 7th January 2018

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