Robot Wars May Return on October 1st

We have been shocked to not see Robot Wars have an air date or any promotion for the tenth televised series of Robot Wars. We recently created an article talking about how the promotion of Robot Wars will be a key indicator on when the new series will air (highly advise, you click here to read more).

Our prediction was wrong so, we have looked at the updated news of the past couple of weeks to see when the new series will possibly air. We have decided that it will likely premiere on the 1st of October and here’s why.

Firstly, the two series that are currently in the time slots of Robot Wars series 8 and series 9 (Sunday 7pm – 8pm & Sunday 8pm – 9pm), both will finish their series (“Tribes, Predators & Me” series 2 & “Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes?” series 1) and their expected runs in their weekly slots on the 24th September. This opens the two time slots, which have been used for modern Robot Wars in the past, for the following week of Sunday, 1st of October.

Next, it fits into our idea of how the trailer/teaser could link to the premiere date and with neither a trailer nor teaser appearing, this opens this date up to a likely possibility (highly advise, you click here to read more).

Also, due to the upcoming products linked to the series coming out in the next month then this means a number of likely dates for the series are shrinking (click here to read more). It means that there are now only two available dates for the show to meet with the product releases dates and allow time to market the upcoming series with those dates being October 1st & October 8th.

Finally, Robot Wars: Build Your Own Robot Manual is released on the 2nd of October and therefore having the new series air the day before may lead to a good piece of marketing for the book with a renewed interest in the show with the premiere of the tenth series. 

All signs pointed to September 10th as the release date for the new series almost a month ago and now it looks like October 1st will be the premiere date of the 10th televised Robot Wars series and if that is true, expect the first teaser/trailer to be released in the next 10 days.

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Note: to say the series will not be premiering on this date as, Executive Producer, Andrew Robertson, said no but, that the series is coming soon. I am leaving this article up to say that we tried twice and we don’t have a clue of a specific date, only that it will premiere in October and be back on our screens so, as soon as we get a trailer or an official date then we will let you know.

Final Note: Note: Well, we seem to have had the Premiere date of series 10 revealed by an unlikely source, click here to find out more.


  1. I had heard of Robot Wars but never watched it. When I was a kid I had a vhs tape of battlebots, and I remember watching it on the little tv at my mom’s work. I used to take popcans and cardboard boxes and shape them into different vehicles of destruction.

    After looking at your site more, it seems that Robot Wars is a much better show than that of Battlebots because they care more about showing the actual carnage vs. the fillers and promotions. I like that about a show. It is really awesome to hear that this show is in its 10th season!

    • It maybe the reason why, we are yet to see a new series of Battlebots but, we seem to be getting quite a few new Robot Wars series.

  2. Hey is Robot Wars the same show that was on G4 a long time ago? It was about a bunch of teams of people making robots that destroy each other. This sounds like pretty much the same thing.

    I’m glad I stumbled here, this stuff is so nostalgic…
    Can’t wait to see what happens Oct 1st!

  3. I’m so interested in the whole robot stuff and especially the Robot Wars series.
    I’m glad to know it’s coming back. I’m waiting for the advancements in the newer robots. That’s what is fascinating. For a long while, they all seemed to be the same. There now seem to be advancements that make it more interesting.
    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be watching.

  4. Well it may stink that we have to wait just a little bit longer, but I think the end product will be worth it. It appears that they have ramped up all of the competition’s weapons, defenses, and mobility. This is going to be a sick show when it finally comes out! Were it not for this article I would not have even know about its return – thank you for sharing with us!

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