Robot Wars Conspiracy Theory #1 Rex or Gilbert

During Heat D of Robot Wars series 10, Gilbert Grimm was referred to as the pioneer of the flipper weapon. In reality, he is credited with the creation of the cheese design flipper that they, Apollo and TR2 all use but, the original flipper on Robot Wars was Rex Garrod with Recyclopse in series 1. Rex Garrod’s later creation holds another Robot Wars record, click here to find out more.

Rex Garrod would leave Robot Wars after series 3, having problems with the show regarding Health and Safety but, Gilbert Grimm would arrive at Robot Wars in series 4 with the original Iron Awe, setting its own record that is very similar to Cassius’s record, click here to find out more. It would later go onto to use a flipper and would go onto flip Bigger Brother out of the arena. Also, Iron Awe 5 is in The Combat Robot Hall of Fame after using its powerful flipper to throw five robots out of the arena in a single battle and won the 2008 and 2010 UK Championships.

Isn’t it odd that two memorable roboteers, both with records to their name, pioneering in robotic combat (especially around self-righting and flippers) both with beards, both wear glasses, uncommon first names and surnames beginning with a G never competed in the same series?

Could Rex Garrod and Gilbert Grimm be the same person? Some big coincidences between Rex Garrod and Gilbert Grimm but, the anger Rex had for the series makes it a lot less likely that this odd theory could be true despite the many coincidences between them.

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