Robot Wars Christmas 2017

Robot Wars has always been a little bit festive from the series 4 specials to the Battle of the Stars, Robot Wars has always had the Christmas spirit. With the potential for Christmas specials for this year and plenty of potential Christmas presents, 2017 will be no different.

Christmas Specials

Two International specials have been filmed and have yet to have an air date. We have predicted for months that they will air this Christmas and it looks pretty obvious that this will be the case. If any specific dates and timings are announced then we will of course report about it but, expect the UK vs USA specials before the end of 2017. So, there are the potential TV listings sorted but, what if you want more Robot Wars or Christmas presents or both?

Robot Wars Christmas Gifts

Despite there being an initial lack of Robot Wars-themed gifts, 2017 has quite a selection of Robot Wars-themed gifts.

A calendar is always a good Christmas present and the new Robot Wars Official 2018 Calendar and it has some really good images.  I like Sir Killalot is December, following the tradition of older official calendars where he appeared last and the Dead Metal image, shows off the saw blade very well. I think the price is a little high but, we expect that to slowly drop as we get closer to 2018.

For Christmas 2016, the Robot Wars Series 8/2016 DVD was really the only official merchandise available. For 2017, we aren’t just getting 6 episodes but, we are getting 16 episodes in The Complete Compendium 2017.

This DVD collection should release two weeks before Christmas. We know it was supposed to release in October but, the BBC and/or Mentorn got their date wrong since series 10 was always releasing in the Autumn according to a couple of different sources so, I hope no such mistakes happen in the future. Anyway, we will be doing a review of it when The Complete Compendium 2017 releases this December.

There are two books that have also been released with us preferring the Robot Wars: Build Your Own Robot Manual (Haynes Manuals) more than the weird Robot Wars: The Official Handbook 2017 through it being more factual and correct. Both are endorsed by the BBC and released this October but, be careful about series 10 spoilers in the Haynes Manual.

There are also:

For Christmas 2018, there should be more merchandise with brand new Robot Wars toys, click here to find out more.

What a lot of Robot Wars fans want for Christmas is a confirmation of Robot Wars series 11 but, that may be a waiting game due to the BBC. Hopefully, we will get a confirmation for Christmas and then the world will be a little more Glorious!

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