New Robot Wars Toys Coming Soon

In case you haven’t seen or heard the news, Robot Wars is going to get a whole new range of toys and merchandise with it set to be released this time next year to capitalize on Christmas 2018. Innovation First International has become the global master toy licensee with it set to launch the Robot Wars toy line through its consumer toy brand, Hexbug.

According to the news article on, “Toys will include vehicles, play-sets, remote control toys and construction kits. The first phase of the range – comprising a selection of autonomous robots, infra-red remote controlled robots and a house robot, as well as a Robot Wars Arena”.

The most interesting part of this news is the fact that the Battlebots toys are already made by Hexbug and are therefore likely to be the basis of this line of Robot Wars toys. To see what is currently in the Battlebots toy range, click here. To get the opinion of Stephen McCulla on this new toy range, click here. 

To find out about the two new Robot Wars books:

Click here for Robot Wars: Build your own Robot Manual

Click here for Robot Wars: The Official Handbook

To see Robot Wars Series 9 & 10 at any time then click here.


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