Live Tour Era

The era of no Robot Wars on TV (2004-2015) will be known as, the Live Tour Era of Robot Wars.

Following Robot Wars’s TV demise, the competition went into a limbo state with a lot of the Robots entering the sheds up and down the country. But, the show went on with it touring across the UK with events usually once per month. The rules were reinforced by the FRA (Fighting Robots Association) which, was established following the demise of the Robot Wars TV show. The UK Championship continued as well with there being a Champion every year as, you can see below:

  • 2004 – Terrorhurtz
  • 2005 – Kronic
  • 2006 – Turbulence
  • 2007 – Big Nipper
  • 2008 – Iron Awe 5
  • 2009 – Terrorhurtz
  • 2010 – Iron Awe 5
  • 2011 – Ripper
  • 2012 – Big Nipper
  • 2013 – Eruption
  • 2014 – Eruption
  • 2015 – TR2

It is still not clear wherever or not, Roaming Robots (the company who has run Robot Wars and have the rights for Robot Wars) will be in charge of the reboot or if the BBC have got the rights back. More will become clear when they start filming. Major Damage and Matilda are the only two House Robots to have fought in the Live Tour Era with the TV show’s House Robots being retired. Link to the Live Tour website is here

There will be regular updates to this page when more information is possible to find.