Four House Robots, Four CPZ

Programme Name: Robot Wars - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: The House Robots Dead Metal, Sir Killalot, Matilda, Shunt - (C) Mentorn Media Scotland - Photographer: Alan Peebles

There are four CPZs since every Robot Wars arena has had four corners and there have always been four CPZs in every series apart from series 2 which had a PPZ which saw five or six House robots (if you include the Sentinel) in the arena creating a Sumo ring effect but, instead of falling outside of the ring you get beaten up outside of it by the House Robots.

The four original House Robots had their own CPZ in series 1 with series 3 and 4 seeing the five House Robots being rotated between the four CPZs. However, over the course of these series, some of the House Robots were known for having their own corners.

So, if we were to get four House Robots in the arena per fight, which House Robot should go in which corner of the series 8 – 9 arena. We will be differentiating each CPZ via the arena floor hazard closest to the CPZ

Sir Killalot – The Pit CPZ – This follows the tradition from Series 3 and 4 that Sir Killalot was nearest the Pit of oblivion. The reason for this in series 3 was to make the biggest House Robot less involved in fights as, competitors wouldn’t want to be near the Pit and wouldn’t, therefore go near Sir Killalot.

Dead Metal – Flame Pit CPZ – Some of the best visuals from the modern series has come from Dead Metal and the flame pit. Therefore, why not continue this and continue to get sparks, flames, and destruction from that CPZ.

Matilda – Floor Spikes CPZ – The only original arena hazard matched with an original House Robot that had the floor spikes in her CPZ for the original CPZ almost 20  years ago.

Shunt – Floor Flipper CPZ – This one is just the arena hazard left with the House Robot that didn’t mind which CPZ he was in.

This is a fantasy since we are unlikely to see all four House Robots in the near future but, if there was more House Robots than this could be a reality.

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