Facts of the Day #79 1st Grand Final Championship Rematch

For the first time in Robot Wars’s history, the series 10 Grand Final’s Championship match was a rematch of a previous Grand Final Championship Match, the series 9 Championship match of Carbide vs Eruption. It is also, the second time that the Champion and runner-up of the previous series have fought each other in the Grand Final episode, following two of the competitors of the series 1 Grand Final meeting in series 2 with the Recyclopse team (now with Cassius) and Road Block fighting for a place in the series 2 Championship match.

It is only the fourth time it has happened in the main UK series, following:

  • Recyclopse/Cassius team vs Roadblock team from the series 1 Championship match fighting in series 2.
  • Storm 2 team vs Typhoon II/PP3D team from the series 7 Championship match fighting in series 8.
  • Apollo vs Carbide from the series 8 Championship match fighting in series 9, twice.
  • Carbide vs Eruption from the series 9 Championship match fighting in series 10, twice.

Apollo vs Carbide and Carbide vs Eruption both fought before the Championship match in their respective series. From these four matches above, each team has won a match against the previous Championship winner in a subsequent series.

Due to the seedings system the show used, it meant that the series champion and runner-up were almost always seeded 1 and 2 respectively and meant they wouldn’t face each other until the Championship match and series 10 marks the first time both the reigning champion and runner-up would make it back to the Championship match in the subsequent series.

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