Fact of the Day #66 King B Team’s Records

King Buxton was the 1st competitor from the King B team and holds a nice record for its legacy. King Buxton is the last robot to complete the Gauntlet and was the only competitor to beat the Gauntlet in the 2nd Semi-Final of series 2. On the way to achieving this, it would push Shunt into the Pit and would push Matilda and dodge Dead Metal to get to the end zone.

However, King B Remix has given the King B team the unfortunate record of being the only robot to return for the modern series and turn their win/loss record more to the losses section whereas, before the modern series they had a higher majority of wins.

Win/loss record before modern Robot Wars: Wins: 10, Losses: 9

Win/loss record after Robot Wars series 8: Wins: 11, Losses: 12

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