Fact of the Day #65 Roadblock’s Legacy

The 1st Robot Wars UK champion holds more records than just being the first Robot Wars UK champion. Road Block also holds the following records/achievements:

  • 1st robot to tackle the Gauntlet.
  • 1st robot to complete the Gauntlet.
  • 1st robot to knock a House Robot off its wheels.
  • 1st robot to win a Robot Wars fight.
  • 1st robot to win an Episode/Heat.
  • 1st robot to win the Robot Wars UK Championship.
  • The highest scoring Pinball Warrior run in Robot Wars history.
  • Only Cornish Robot Wars Champion.
  • Only Cornish competitor for Series 1.

Road Block may hold the most records of any robot in Robot Wars history and gives it an unforgettable legacy with circular blades and wedged shaped robots becoming the normal design of competitors in the first four Robot Wars series.

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