New for 2017

January 1, 2017 Matthew 0

Everyday on, there will be a fact of the day which will be a short article everyday giving a fact about Robot Wars new […]

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2016 Matthew 0

This is a quick message of Merry Christmas to all fans of Robot Wars and the website. I hope Father Christmas gets everything you want […]

Damn You BT

September 6, 2016 Matthew 0

British Telecoms have left me with no Broadband for the last 10 days so, it has meant that I haven’t been able to publish new […]

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How to Avoid Spoilers

August 11, 2016 Matthew 0

Both Robot Wars and Battlebots, have been pre-recorded for their respective TV shows as, are many TV shows covered on this website. However, I have […]

Time for Change

August 2, 2016 Matthew 0

Over 6 months ago, I started and made Robot Wars Mania and have loved making the website. But, now is the time for change just […]

Upcoming Week

July 19, 2016 Matthew 0

After 12 years, the wait is almost over for Robot Wars fans from across the world. I went on holiday and the Air date was […]